Nonclinical Services


Project Management

LSIM Safety Institute has introduced a project management system to accurately respond to clientsf multiple requests. Project manager (PM) acting as a client liaison collectively manages the clientfs information such as a test substance and report format, and distributes necessary information within the company, and maintains consistency among the various fields of studies and between studies in each phase such as planning, experiment, evaluation, and report preparation. Also, PM collectively manages schedules and progresses of all studies and provides weekly and monthly reports to the clients.

Project manager's task

Understanding clients' needs

Through a preliminary meeting with clients, PM becomes knowledgeable of the test substance/toxicity/classification information as well as clientsf needs, which are reflected in the conduct of the studies. In addition, information review meetings are held by internal project members and information to be distributed to the research site is organized and managed.

Suggestion to clients

Project meetings (periodic/irregular) are held with our study directors and relevant personnel to discuss methods to address concerns in studies as well as to conduct evaluation of study results and profiling of test substance in order to make quality suggestions to the clients.

Distribution of information to research sites

The various requests of clients are accurately and efficiently distributed to appropriate research sites.

Progress management/Information collection at research sites

The progress of each study is managed, and information such as concerns are collected from research sites and distributed to relevant personnel in charge.

Distribution of information to clients

PM distributes necessary information (results) on a timely basis (study schedule table, weekly/monthly report, emergency report/consultation, and interim report, etc.) to clients.

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