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Pharmacokinetic Studies

LSIM Safety Institute conducts pharmacokinetic (ADME) studies under the management system certified with GLP or in compliance with GLP. We have an extensive menu of in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetic studies and drug-drug interaction (DDI) studies for safety evaluation of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals, etc.

We continue to satisfy the diverse needs in various aspects of our clients’ research and development projects while keeping an eye on the latest technologies, various guidelines, and regulation trends. Please contact us with any inquiries or requests.

Services Available

Toxicokinetic / Pharmacokinetic Studies

  • 1.Development of Bioanalytical Method

    Based on the structure of the drug or information provided, we develop a bioanalytical method which mainly utilizes LC/MS/MS instruments. We also investigate processing methods of bioanalytical samples such as plasma, blood, urine and tissue as well as analysis conditions of instruments.

  • 2.Bioanalytical Method Validation

    Validations of bioanalytical methods are conducted in accordance with domestic and international guidelines.

  • 3.Bioanalysis of Biological Samples

    Bioanalysis is conducted in compliance with GLP using validated analysis methods.
    Toxicokinetic studies are conducted under the same GLP conditions as safety studies at the same facility. Multi-site studies are also available. We have a wealth of experience with various species of animals.

  • 4.Nonclinical Pharmacokinetic Studies

    A diverse range of studies including pharmacokinetic studies using animals, bioavailability studies, bioequivalence studies, and DDI studies are available. Pharmacokinetic measurement of clinical samples is also available at LSIM. Please contact us with any inquiries or requests.

  • 5.Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies

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