As a company contributing to "National Health and Medical Strategy", LSIM Safety Institute conducts various safety studies including high level pharmacological efficacy and pharmacokinetic studies for application for regulatory approval with our thoroughly equipped facility that has been audited and certified for pharmaceutical, medical device, cellular and tissue-based product, agricultural chemical, and Chemical Substances Control Law GLPs. In addition to pharmaceuticals and cellular and tissue-based products, our expertise lies in contract testing services for development of food products (food additives and FOSHU products, etc.), new chemical substances, and agricultural chemicals, as well as preparation of application documents and provision of laboratory technique education, etc. We look forward to your inquiry.

Due to recent remarkable advances in life sciences and drug discovery technology, and with the popularization of new modalities and innovative therapeutic concepts such as antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs, vaccines, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine in addition to low molecular drugs, expectation for new drugs fulfilling these new concepts is rising. LSIM Safety Institute is conducting disease biomarker searches using human samples and advanced analytical techniques, anti-tumor tests of anti-cancer drugs using PDX (Patient-Derived Xenograft) model in which tissues derived from Japanese cancer patients are transplanted into mice, efficacy evaluation batteries that contribute to the expansion of application and drug repositioning of existing drugs and developed products, and discovery of drug uses of human iPS cells, and is actively developing data analysis services using AI (Deep Learning). We constantly take in the latest technical information and regulatory trends and provide tests and services that meet our clients' needs. We are committed to supporting the future of the healthcare industry.

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